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RWB Electrical Services showing deteriorating wires and the importance of testing
RWB Electrical Services properly installed electrical system

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)


Are you looking for an EICR certificate? We will test an evaluate your fixed wiring to identify potential fire hazards and other risks that may be present in your electrical installations. From the surface, it can be hard to spot defective DIY or missing earthing which is why it’s important to hire a specialist electrician that can certify that all work has been carried out in accordance with BS 7671 standards.


Known previously as a periodic electrical inspection, an EICR will cover commercial, agricultural, industrial and residential properties. We will ensure that fixed wiring is in safe condition as well as advising you on any potential issues. Whether you are a private landlord who wants to ensure that your property’s electrics meet British safety standards before renting to a new tenant, or a home buyer or seller looking for peace of mind, RWB Electrical Services will provide a thorough inspection and a detailed condition report.

How much does an EICR cost?


EICR pricing starts at just £120.00. Remember that even properly installed wiring deteriorates over time. Faulty and improperly installed fixed wiring can have serious legal implications as well as presenting risk of injury from electric shock. If you have any doubt, give us a call for a free, no obligation quote.

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